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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions through exclusive strategic alliances.

Experience unparalleled results.



ThinkLatino! has marketed more than 500 films in the past 10 years. We have exclusive alliances with premier organizations, companies and internationally known personalities and celebrities. Through these strategic partnerships, aiming entertainment-based marketing campaigns has earned the “Minority Marketing Agency of the Year” award in 2010 and 2011.



As the world of technology continues to expand, we understand the needs of current and potential clients will grow as well. Utilizing our PR and marketing knowledge, we offer targeted outreach through video and interactive campaigns that spark viral trends. In addition to the digital marketing push, we also create collaborations with celebrity endorsements, generating a magnetic pull towards the desired outcome (more app downloads, user engagement, etc.). 


Digital Marketing


Through digital marketing, we create, manage and maintain social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs and online publicity platforms. Our trained social media ambassadors engage with your audience in English and Spanish and have been developed in recreating your tone and voice, as to not leave your audience missing you. Some other digital marketing services include digital content creation, digital ad creations and promotions and partnerships.

Traditional PR


Our agency would not be complete without offering Traditional PR practices. We strategize and implement unique, specialized and out-of-the-box execution plans that are culturally and creatively relevant. We utilize press junkets, grassroots campaigns and event planning, leaving your sponsors and audience with the experiential ‘WOW’ factor.

Cause Marketing


Cause marketing is the partnership between a for-profit entity and a non-profit that are mutually beneficial and is a key element in any industry. We are privileged to work with a number of philanthropic people and agencies. From collaborating with organizations helping children in the Los Angeles Unified School District to supporting villages in third world countries, there is no better feeling than having your work make a profound and sustainable difference.

Our Approach

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